BluestNight provides a number of ways for you to customize list pages using files.

Custom content

If you create an file for a list page and put content in it, that content will appear above the list on the generated page.

Hide the list

Maybe you don’t want to display the list of pages, just your custom content. Set hide_list to true in the front matter of the file and BluestNight will only generate the custom content on that page.


This site author wants to display a message to their readers before showing the most recent posts.

# Found under "post/"
title = "My Awesome Posts"
hide_list = false

Before you get to my posts, I just want you all to know how much I appreciate your readership and your feedback on my posts.

This site author provides a multi-page how-to guide and wants users to start with a link to the first item so they don’t skip ahead.

# Found under "how-to/install-linux/"
title = "How to Install Linux"
hide_list = true # Won't show any other pages under "how-to/install-linux"

If you've ever wanted to install a Linux distribution on your computer but weren't sure how, this guide is for you!

(More introductory stuff about installing Linux - this is a code example, I don't need to write a full paragraph!)

[Start here]({{< ref "how-to/install-linux/" >}}).